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Starcloth backdrops

Transform the look of your function room with the use of starcloth backdrops.


white Starcloth and DJ booth


Our starcloths are available in white or black fabric. Each starcloth has hundreds of white plights to give the impression of a starlit nights sky. The starcloths make for a great backdrop and enhance the overall look of the performance area.


Black starcloth backdrop


Our cloths are 6m x 3m in size and all the necessary rigging is included in our prices.

Starcloths are also ideal to use as backdrops for bands and discos which adds a touch of class to the entertainment area.

Speak to one of our sales team to see what we can do to transform your function room and make it function to remember!

Plain white and black drapes are available as an alternative to the starcloth drapes.


white star cloth DJ boothBlack starcloth DJ booth


If you have already booked your disco and wish to hide the front of the DJ console, Why not hire one of our DJ starcloth booths? These DJ starcloth booths are available in white or black and really to finish off the overall look of the DJs setup.